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Surfaces with embedded antimicrobial or antifungal protection are beneficial in helping control bacterial and fungal outbreaks.  But they are very expensive and the benefits are confined to that embedded surface.

We set out to make this type of protection more accessible and affordable for everyday use around the home, gym, office, and school.  But how does a small Wisconsin company re-invent a $60 Billion industry made up of chemical giants? The question was answered by combining two natural elements; Copper and Silver.  It's a long known fact that both natural elements carry proprieties that help to protect surfaces against the growth and migration of harmful microorganisms.  When combined with a pinch of this and a dash of that, but mostly water, you get AGent+ Cleaner & Protectants.  The first water based solutions to harness the antifungal power of Copper and the antimicrobial properties of Silver to both CLEAN and PROTECT*. 

AGent Plus Solutions was born with the thought of keeping true to who we are, Silver and Copper based products.  With AG being the elemental symbol for Silver, PLUS the added benefits of Copper, we thought AGent+ was the perfect name.

It's all very clever, don't you think?  We thought so!

We've developed two patented formulas of AGent+; Multi-Purpose with up to 3 Days* of continued protection, and Hard Surface with up to 24 hours* of lasting protection. 

Try them today and truly help 'Change the Culture of Clean'